Doc Gen Conditional Templates with Nintex Workflow Cloud

This workflow template is built to show a simple workflow that with two options for using the Generate Document action in Nintex Workflow Cloud. The workflow demonstrates two different ways to use templates that contain different information or data within the same workflow.  Check out the video to walk through the entire solution from build to run. I also walk through tagging the document as well so you get a full concept of how this works and how you can make use of this within your Nintex Workflow Cloud tenant. Import this workflow template to your NWC Tenant
Author Eric Harris
Long Description After working with a customer on this exact issue, I realized just how easy it is to add extra steps into a workflow if you aren’t sure how things work or what is available. I’ve done this myself as well so I think its just smart to dig in and test things out. The scenario is that you have three different templates based on regions (Americas, EMEA and APAC). Each template is slightly different but you want to trigger it from a form or some data that detects the regions and based on that select the correct template to use. Within the workflow what I have done is provide two different ways to use it. This is a self-contained workflow with only requiring Box and Nintex which makes it easy to import and setup to test. Just configure the Generate Document Action to route to your own templates and Box folders and publish. The form will show that there is a workflow path option that will show you two different logical ways doc gen can work. If you have one template, then you could simply use one action. However, if you have multiple templates, you may be tempted to use a single action per template. However, within the generate document action, you can use the conditional logic when setting up the template to configure it to include the template if a certain condition is met. Take a look at all the functionality there such as merge, new page, and more. Nintex makes it easy to setup and use when you know what you are working with.
Dependencies Nintex Workflow Cloud, Box
Support Info Eric Harris
Compatibility Nintex Workflow Cloud
Platform Nintex Workflow Cloud
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