About the hangouts

Nintex Hangouts focuses on 3 key areas to help customers and partners do their work:

  1. Provide helpful tips, tricks and more in the form of videos and blog post and based on our years of experience and best practices.
  2. Provide an easy to use repository of workflow and form templates along with reviews of Nintex Partner built solutions so you can be confident when using a solution with Nintex.

What you can find here is a collection of workflow and form templates, complete solutions build on or with the Nintex platform, and some custom code (JS, CSS) that can help you do more with Nintex.

Throughout the site you may notice some colors on the different post. Below is the color chart to help you understand what you’re looking at.

Orange – Verified solutions that have been reviewed by or created by someone from Nintex Hangout (NOTE THIS IS NOT NINTEX R&D)

Blue – Validated Partner Solutions that have been reviewed one of the contributors to Nintex Hangout.

Slate – General Nintex Hangout Post contributed by the larger Nintex Community.

As with anything, no amount of reviewing precludes you from doing your own due diligence. Since I know a lot of people don’t read, we also put a disclaimer on every posts to ensure you understand the limited liability we assume for this.

As we grow this collection again, we will also be adding a few more things such as a chat bot and the ability to post a project and hire a Nintex developer to build out a solution for you. Stay tune…more to come.