Site Creation Workflow

Allow users to request new sites then and auto-provision the site and three SharePoint User groups after approval!

Long DescriptionThis site level workflow is meant for admins to allow users to request their own sites. Upon submission, a task is created and can be reviewed for accuracy. Once approved, the workflow will provision a new site as well as setup three user groups to get them started! The startup form is defaulted to the Team Site template, but can easily be modified to accommodate your own specific site templates for users to pick from. The task allows admins to intervene if required and fix any mistakes in the URLs or special characters. The task approval form has two confirmation buttons on it to verify the parent URL and requested site URL. If the parent URL goes to a site, it is valid. If the requested site URL goes to a site, it is not as the site URL is already in use. Lastly, the workflow sends notifications that the site is created, giving the perfect platform to provide extra guidance or training materials as they begin their SharePoint journey! Additional logic checks can be implemented such as the removal of any special characters and an automated check of URLs, but have not been added yet.
DependenciesCreated using Nintex Workflow 2010 and Nintex Forms 2010
Support InfoIf you have any questions or comment, please feel free to reach out to me!Jesse McHargue |  | 
CompatibilityNintex Workflow 2010
Nintex Workflow 2013
PlatformSharePoint 2010
SharePoint 2013
Additional InformationThis is a site level workflowYou will need to update the following actions with proper credentials:
Create SiteCall Web service – Create Owners GroupCall Web service – Create Member GroupCall Web service – Create Visitors GroupCall Web service – Apply Owners GroupCall Web service – Apply Members GroupCall Web service – Apply Visitors Group 

***UPDATE***I made another version of this to accommodate for multiple templates.Check it out!

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