Find Failing ‘Previous Version’ Workflows

Are the running item counts on your ‘Previous Version’ workflows persisting and just not getting completed? These scripts will help you track them.

AuthorRichard Ruth
Long DescriptionThe scripts are designed to be used by Administrators with server access to find Previous Version workflows that are persisting in the ‘In Progress’ state for longer than expected. Scripts produce a log file with details on the item that the erroring workflow is running on which will help you find the failing workflows. Please review the comments in the script ‘singleSiteListLookup’ before running as some configuration is required before executing. The fullFarmLookup has no configurations required.
Dependencies Account running the scripts will need read rights on the site and write a log file..
Support InfoRichard Ruth
CompatibilityNintex Workflow 2013
PlatformSharePoint Server 2013
Additional InformationFeel free to contact me if you have difficulties using the script.

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